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Apr 11, 2018

Ira Judelson is handling the bail package for Conor McGregor following the misdemeanor assault incident that took place at Barclay's Center. Ira gives us the inside scoop on what led to the incident and why Conor is a stand up guy.

Danny's friend Mitch Baruchowitz, Managing Partner of Merida Capital Partners (in which Danny is an investor) drops by to discuss different innovations, legal hurdles, financial questions, and moral conundrums that come with the legalization of cannabis, and some of the industries that are putting up hurdles on the federal level while states take a shot.

And speaking of states, Danny thinks the Supreme Court could make it possible for sports gambling to come to a location near you. He and Mitch discuss the 10th Amendment and Ira shares some of the reluctance from the alleged family businesses that aren't a fan of the potential change.