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Apr 5, 2018

“Who wouldn’t want to be a gangster?” Gerard Marrone, our guest this week, says this on his YouTube docuseries The Street Attorney. “I went the other way. I became a lawyer. I represent the made guys and the bosses. They get locked up, I get them out,” he tells us. Join us for this absorbing interview. He’ll be talking about everything from his favorite kinds of cases, the reasons some mob cases are federal and some aren’t, and growing up in Queens.

At just 21 years old and working on being a professional boxer, Gerard was shot in the back at a party protecting his sister. Initially told he’d never walk again, he beat the odds and now walks right into the court room. He’ll talk about how his personal experience of getting shot has turned into empathy for his clients, which can be a real asset for his attorney business.

Here’s what else we’ll cover in this episode.


New Bail Reform Start-Up Promise

With three million of venture capital investment from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and First Round Capital, Promise aims to reform the bail industry and tackle some of the injustices around arrests and sentencing. Ira talks about the good, bad, and ugly of these kinds of reforms while Danny dives deep into the racial implications of everything from sentencing to bail costs, noting that studies show that black Americans face three times the punishment and penalties.


Bank of America’s High Frequency Trading “Dark Pool” Settlement

Slapped with a $42 Million-dollar settlement, Bank of America admitted to “systematically misleading clients” between 2008 and 2013. Danny breaks down the significance of this legal decision, and the big role Bernie Madoff played in this scandal. Ira points out the similarities between mobsters and Wall Street brokers. Are they both really just bookies?


Here’s How To Listen

You’ll love this fascinating full interview with Gerard Marrone. Ira and Danny have their usual fun tackling dark pool trading, bail reform, pop culture events, and more. You won’t want to miss this episode.


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